Solar Designing

As specialists in Design & Engineering of Photovoltaic (PV) power plants, we are dedicated to:

  • Support customers for preparation of pre-bid technical documents
  • Providing pre-design and engineering support for investors with financial model on feasibility on investments
  • Selection of right technology
  • Provide engineering advisory support to developers as owner’s engineer’s role to make sure on the design of power plants is the best.
  • Provide complete detailed design & Engineering support to EPC
  • Design support to all capacity of plants starting from small rooftop projects till Multi-Mega Watt solar power plants.

Detailed Engineering Scope

Our Design & Engineering services include every aspect of technical documentation:


Our team consists of a consortium of Renewable Energy System Engineers, Designers and Installers, most of them are recognised as pioneers of the Solar PV Industry. Collectively, we have over 50 years of knowledge, skill and experience as consultants, advisors in the renewable energy environment.

Our quality services include:

  • Site selection for solar power plants
  • Solar resource review and preliminary assessment
  • Solar data gathering, interpretation and analysis
  • Modelling and annual energy yield estimates

Technical Services in detail

  • General Plant Layout (single line diagram of power plant, schematic diagram of power plant, array layout and positioning of major equipment and control room) including internal roads layout, Entry gate, Plant fencing, Drainage path
  • PV simulation with all possible options and PR calculations;
  • Module mounting structure design with calculations and staad reports
  • Mounting structure foundation design (Pile / RCC / Screw / Ramming type)
  • Shadow analysis of the complete plant using PV Syst / Sketchup pro
  • DC String design & equipment specification preparation (RFP)
  • Detailed cable schedule with voltage drop calculations;
  • Array Junction Box & String monitoring Box Design with all components
  • Optimum DC & AC cable routing drawing
  • Solar Array Earthing layout with calculations
  • Inverter room and main control room design and drawings as per industry standards
  • Optimal Power loss calculation
  • 11kV/22kV/33kV/66kv Switch yard design as per standards.
  • Access road design & drawings
  • Drainage system design
  • Technical support on selection of vendors / suppliers
  • Project schedule and project planning for execution using Microsoft Project with PERT & CPM
  • PR verification after solar power plant commissioning to ensure the performance as estimated
  • Providing the best Operation and maintenance planning& schedule