Why ArrayTech Technologies?

Your investment in a Solar PV system is going to reap benefits for a very long time indeed. That makes it important to choose the right system installer, and the core product, ie, solar modules, based on reliability, durability, and world class quality.

When you choose ArrayTech as your energy partner, you get the benefit of:

Made-in-Japan CIS MODULES
Your solar PV system is as good as your solar modules, which constitute the heart of the system. Solar Frontier KK of Japan is the world leader in CIS technology. The USP of CIS solar PV is that it delivers exceptionally high yield even in most difficult conditions – in low light or in shaded sites.

Customized Planning & Cost-effective Pricing
Our specially trained team design installations by including every detail for satisfying specific customer requirements. Our solutions are long-term and value for money. ArrayTech creates the ideal system design taking into account both technical and commercial criteria. This means we will be present and ready to assist you as a stable, reliable partner for a long time to come.

Superior Technology & benefits of pioneering R&D
ArrayTech brings you global quality solar PV and electronics. These products are the result of long term solar engineering experience and strategy in the energy sector. At the Atsugi Research Centre (ARC) in Japan, Solar Frontier continues pushing their proprietary CIS technology to the next level by improving module performance.