Solar for Business

Every business strives to minimize avoidable expenses to maximize profits. Why waste revenue on ever-increasing energy costs? Shift portion of your load to solar power. Get accelerated depreciation benefits, faster ROI with Solar Frontier CIS modules which give higher yield generation, and enjoy uninterrupted power, so that your business soars to greater heights!

Companies in manufacturing, IT, exports, etc have huge requirement of continuous daytime load in offices and factories. Increasing electricity costs impact financials and also competitiveness. Shifting to solar makes immense business sense!

CIS Power Modules give highest yield even under extreme conditions:

Many model calculations for solar installations assume optimum conditions: high solar altitude, cloudless sky, clear air, no shadows, moderate temperature. Solar Frontier’s CIS modules are able to offer higher yields than competing products – even in shade, under cloudy skies, low light or high temperature.

Solar PV modules are under IEC 61215/IEC 61730/UL 1703 certification.